For confidential, mobile on-site shredding, Bettershred offers excellent prices and superb customer service. We are the shredding company you can rely on!

From HR records and invoices to your records on clients, you are responsible for disposing of all confidential information securely.

•  Normal rubbish disposal or paper recycling schemes should not be relied on as bags split and the contents can fall into the wrong hands

•  Using an office shredder is time consuming and can tie up valuable members of staff for long periods of time

With our confidential, mobile on-site shredding service, we rapidly destroy all your sensitive documents, while you watch.

•  1000kgs per hour

•  Whole files shredded

•  No need to remove paperclips, pins or staples

•  Certificate of Destruction provided for audit purposes

Whether you are looking for a one-off collection or want regular visits on contract, Bettershred is the shredding company for you. Email us for a quote or call us now on 01908 566 599

Bettershred accepts these major credit cards